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April 24, 2009


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i have been using terrasil for only 2days i bought it came on nov/19/2010 in i put it on in immediately i felt it working i woke up the necxt day in my skin is already improving i am really happy about it n i can finally get rid of the embrassing bumps on my scalp thank you to the creators of terrasil you saved me from spending 5000 dollars on surgery

john elderkin

i had to have part of leg cut off but have a leg ulser that wont go away ,with anything thing that been tried will Terrasil cream help me.

Tom B


Have you seen this testimonial on this blog? It seems people are getting results for leg ulcers! Aidance Skincare has a customer service line you can call that can probably give you more information

Phone number:



I have read in several places that people for ages have claimed garlic was good at fighting infection.

boilx reviews

I often get boils on my butt or bikini line. I am using boilx spray for my boils.

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